Board Members and Staff

Madaline Lawrence

Licensed Unity Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Chaplain Director

Madaline Lawrence has been a Licensed Unity Teacher since 1996. Coming from a Jewish background, she never dreamed she’d be a Unity teacher, teaching the words and examples of Jesus. However, she realizes it is not that astonishing considering that since childhood she always had a yearning to bridge the gap between Judaism and Christianity. One of her favorite statements is, "Moses gave us the 10 Commandments and Jesus showed us how to live them!"

She was drawn to Unity because of its diversity, with members from all walks of life, religions, and races. Madaline’s passions are to help people awaken to their oneness with each other and God, and to understand that we are all created in the image and likeness of God and therefore are all equal.

Her desire is to see all of God’s children living together in peace and harmony, the way she believes God intended us to live. Madaline shares her passions in classes, workshops and as a guest speaker on Wednesday evening services.

Madaline Lawrence