Board Members and Staff

Laurie Durgan

Associate Minister, Youth Education Director

Laurie has “grown up” in Unity. At age 15, she visited her first Unity church in Naples, Florida, and became a member of the Youth of Unity there. That next summer she attended the International Youth of Unity Conference at Unity Village, and today she still remembers that magical experience of “knowing you are in your right place” - and really feeling for the first time - at one with the power and presence of God.

Laurie became a member of Unity of Delray Beach in 1985, and during her first visit to the church, she became a volunteer Sunday school teacher!

She shares, “When I came to Unity of Delray Beach, I felt like I had come home. At that time in my life, I wanted so much to serve God and give back all that had been given to me! From the time I was a small girl, I wanted to be a teacher…to be a teacher of Truth.”

Laurie believes that we teach that which we need to learn, and that she has learned so much from the children.

Unity for Laurie is much more than a church, a philosophy, or a way of thinking; it is a way of life. Laurie and her husband Jeff have two sons, Ben and John, college students who are both Unity School graduates.

Laurie Durgan