Board Members and Staff

Linda Hurley

Director of Prayer Ministry

I am a prayer chaplain with Unity of Delray Beach, and since 2004 my ties with the church have grown through joining with fellow members in prayer, meditation and the ministry of Rev. Nancy Norman. Also through taking to heart and digesting the many classes offered at Unity, through lively discussions in our weekly prosperity coffee, through wonderful mentoring in Living the Radiant Life by Rev. Joanna Gabriel, and a wonderful two week course of studies at the headquarters of Unity in Unity Village, Missouri.

God has gifted me with an inquisitive, discerning, and integrative mind. Professionally I had a practice as a physical therapist for over 25 years, and continue to create healing space with craniosacral therapy and massage. I have studied and served as teaching assistant with The Upledger Institute since 1986; broadening my skills with studies in healing from the Core, Somatoemotional Release and Heart Centered Therapy; learning together with people from all over the world.

Professionally and spiritually one of my deepest experiences was a nine-day cultural immersion program on the Big Island, Hawaii studying with generations of native Hawaiians at sacred sites and appreciating Huna healing methods.

I began a study of drawing mandalas for self-exploration in 1997, drawing a mandala per day for a year and teaching my clients to use this powerful method in addition to in depth bodywork. I discovered St. Hildegard of Bingen (11th century Benedictine abbess, now Doctor of the Church) through her Illustrations of her visions, which I likened to the mandalas.

Dr. Lauren Artress, founder of the worldwide labyrinth movement ( and I were brought together through our shared interest in St. Hildegard and I have studied the labyrinth for six years with Dr. Artress in Delray Beach, Florida; Petaluma, California; and Chartres, France; as well as in 2012 in Disibodenberg, Germany. The Chartres’ Medieval Eleven Circuit Labyrinth (a one of a kind design) anchors a path of spiritual discernment that I continue to explore.

Integrating my studies is part of my spiritual path that I choose to share with others. I lead the monthly labyrinth walk at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach to introduce more people to the practice of walking the labyrinth. In the fall of 2012 I taught four Sundays of presentations about the labyrinth in the prayer room at Unity. This incorporates a prayer method that can be used at home, by oneself, or joining in a group walk.

A definition I hold in my heart is: Unity (u•ni•ty, noun) the state of being one; oneness; the state or fact of being united or combined into one, a whole or totality; oneness of mind, feeling, etc., concord, harmony, or agreement .

Linda Hurley